Saturday, 15 November 2014

Perrier bottle puzzle

I bought some bottle puzzles from Wil Strijbos which I will review in other posts.
Wil Strijbos makes a good job when he protects puzzles: they are wrapped in a certain way that the pieces that may shake during the delivery are maintained in place, so that nothing can move and break the puzzle. Indeed, the things inside the tricky bottles (here a plug) can rattle during the shipment and break the bottle...

This a classic Perrier bottle (so in glass, of course) with a metal tube inside. You need to take the plug out of the bottle without any force or shaking. The metal tube is the real obstacle, without it the solution is simple. With it, the solution requires thinking...
It seems impossible, is possible! You just don't know how to solve it ;-)


Be careful: too much shaking can break the bottle...(it did not happen to me because I knew that...). The bottle is provided with a cap, keep it !! By the way, you should always keep everything that goes with Wil's puzzles.

The solution is very "elegant", and to solve the puzzle you need to try things, you need to use what you external tools are required to solve the bottle.
You may manage to solve this puzzle with dexterity, but first this is not the intended solution, and then you may need to shake to bottle...and may break it...

Solved!! What?! Nothing has moved unless the plug?...So strange :-)

Just to avoid any bad ideas you may have:
-> don't put water in the bottle! Of course with water the plug can move to the top, but then because of the tube some water will stay in the bottle...!!
-> don't put anything inside the bottle

I think that if you like bottle puzzles, that is a "must-have" in your collection not only for the design but also for the solving process.


  1. Hello Nix,

    Maybe we could have a clue...

    1. Clue by email ;-)
      I don't want to spoil people who will be tempted to buy this bottle puzzles

  2. Nice review! :)

    Claude: There is an important clue in the text above ....


  3. Why can't we just throw the bottle in the wall or something ?!

    1. hahaha Pat are you serious? You want to break the puzzle you've just paid?
      It would be unusable after haha.
      Remember the puzzling rules: no force, no breaking. Here you can also say: no shaking.