Thursday, 22 January 2015

Don't be sad, I will free you !!!

Another blue aluminium puzzle, a beautiful blue that Wil Strijbos uses on many puzzles. When you hold the puzzle you are surprised by its weight. Be careful not to throw it on your feet...
There is cap that doesn't move, well just a little bit. On the cap, there is a nut.
You can see a hole on one part of the puzzle through which you can see a sad smiley...the goal is "make me smile". When you have managed to open the box, you can see that the other side of the smiley rod is an happy smiley face. Now it's clearer, right?

Poor little smiley...

When you "shake" a bit the puzzle you can hear some things ratling inside, but as with many other Wil's puzzles you cannot see what you're doing, and this makes the puzzles "quite" difficult.

Many puzzle bloggers say that this puzzle belongs to the sequencial discovery puzzles, and I don't totally agree. Of course you need to find a tool, to use it the right way and do other things. But first there are not a lot of steps (which is a pitty when you know the price of this puzzle!!), and then not a lot of tools...

When you've tried many puzzles like this one, lotus, the egg, the aluminium cross, you know that Wil loves something that he often puts in his puzzles to block you. So that's not a real suprise what is there inside of the box.
I must admit that I have a little bit been disappointed because the mechanism is not complicated and due to the size and to the weight, I though there was something much more complicated inside...Nope...And you cannot put anything inside the box, which would have been a good idea.
Another drawback that may not happen to all the batches of this puzzle: mine was a little bit damaged on a bottom corner of a side. Of course it is not a problem at all to solve the puzzle. But you know when you buy such an expensive product and made by CNC machines (and not human beings!), then you are expecting 0% default...

Anyway, that is a beautiful puzzle, hard to solve, and very enigmatic. I solved it with a good amount of luck. And you know what? I managed to solve this puzzles like some other Wil's puzzles when I played late in the night (around 3am). Perhaps it helps playing late to solve Wil's puzzles :-)
And finally the goal is quite "funny" (make me smile). I recommand to buy it...if you have saved enough money :-)



  1. Nice review! When resetting the puzzle I use several tools simultaneously, and there are quite some steps, which is why I consider it sequential discovery, too. And a nice one!

    1. Strange, when resseting it's very easy and quick and I don't use sevral tools... :-)