Thursday, 29 January 2015

4-steps visible lock

As the name indicates, you will need to complete 4 steps to be able to solve this puzzle from Robrecht Louage, a famous Belgian puzzle designer, known for his "euro-puzzles".
This puzzle is composed of trespa (a very sturdy material), acrylic and steel balls. It won the Jury Grand Prize during IPP31 (August 2011) and when you play with it you understand the reasons why it obtained this prize.
The goal of this puzzle is to remove the euro coin. So again, you pay this puzzle €49 instead of €50 if you replace the euro coin by a plastic one. But I doubt you will do that because the puzzle looks better with a euro coin :-)

I won't describe the 4 steps because, as the puzzle is already not very difficult, it would spoil too much, and I think everybody will easily distinguish these steps.

To solve the puzzle you need to understand the steps, even if I must admit that I managed to do the 1st and the 4th steps without understanding them. I understood them after, very quickly. I solved the first one with luck.

This puzzle involves a little bit of dexterity, but don't worry I am not very good at dexterity (I think) and I did not have any difficulty to do that!

I like a lot this puzzle but in my opinion it is too easy and pretty straight forward. I would have liked many more steps and a bit more difficult puzzle. I let a friend of mine play with it and he did not have difficulties to solve it...I hope Robrecht will release some other puzzles like this one but with more steps.

To conclude a good puzzle with a good design (and a quality puzzle of course!!) and if you like Robrecht's, this is a must have in your collection.
You can buy it directly from the designer. If you want his email or have any questions, drop me an email, I am very fast to reply :-)

PS: be careful to prevent dust from entering under the acrylic because it's not easy to clean up the inside of the puzzle, and unscrew the puzzle may not be very easy...

Solution can be found: HERE

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