Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cosmic creatures

Don't be afraid no cosmic creatures will invade our planet, that's just the name of a puzzle by the Lonpos company :-)

Lonpos highlights a lot the fact that brainteasers are for everyone because they increase your memory, your attention and patience. So whether you're a child or an adult, you can have fun with them.
I recommend, however, to make some breaks because your nerves can be broken by some very difficult levels. Sometimes, the solution becomes clearer after a small break :-)

Due to its size, this game is perfect for your travel, but of course you can have fun at home too.

The goal is to put all the pieces on the tray. Some pieces are irregular and when turned another side they are different and thus it increases the possibility to put them of the tray. Those pieces are marked with a triangle.
Each piece has a letter, which helps putting them of the tray.
Just note that sometimes the letter shown in the booklet is not exactly the way they are put in the tray, it's not a problem at all, but I would have liked a "perfect match". Look below the C piece (llok at the booklet and the piece):

With all the 111 challenges, I assure you that you will perfectly know these cosmic creatures :)

The starting levels are very easy, but it becomes much more difficult at the end!!
Also sometimes there are many ways to complete a level, so there is not a unique solution for each level. Look below with the A and I pieces (the 2 on the bottom right hand corner):

I really like the design of this puzzle, the colorful pieces and the size of the puzzle: it will not take a lot of space at home and you can bring it easily with you.

What I don't like a lot is the fact that the color of the pieces is not  precisely the same with the colors of the booklet, but well it is the same with some other brainteasers...
I don't like that they did not put a solution booklet (it is the same with all their puzzles!), again I like having the solutions because it can help adding a piece if you hide half of the solution, for example.
Instead of that they put some hints about the puzzle. But first you need to go on the internet to see the hints (after searching the right puzzle you're playing with), then the hint is just only one piece shown, which may not be enough to help you sometimes...And finally there are some errors about some hints (some pieces are wrongly orientated...)

To conclude: a fun puzzle with a funny design for many hours of playing. The hints and booklets can be seen on their internet page in many languages. Good point!

To buy your Cosmic creature brainteaser, go HERE

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