Thursday, 19 February 2015

Secret boxes

These 3 wooden secret boxes are made by Mi-Toys company.

They all have a rectangular shape and have a hole on a side of the box, but that does not give any hint about how to solve these puzzles.

The goal is, as you can imagine, to open these boxes. Two of them have a "dilemma" difficulty and the other is "challenging". But frankly, all of them are very easy and it took me some seconds to open them. Either for an experienced puzzler or for a beginner, I would ranked all these puzzles as very easy! I don't understand the way they rank these boxes...

When you see the mechanism, you can wonder why they have this size, because they could have been smaller....In my opinion, the size and the weight of puzzles have to be justified by the mechanism: if the mechanism if very small and simple, there is no need to have a super big puzzle!
On the contrary if the mechanism is very complex with many small parts and is big, ok, you can have a big puzzle.

The mechanism is not complex fro all these boxes and even if some of these boxes need several steps to solve them, the steps are pretty straight-forward.

If you want some cheap trick boxes, I advise them. If you like a bit of difficulty, I don't advise them. But like all puzzles, you have to try them to make your own judgment.
And of course, being mass-produced they cannot be compared to Stickman's boxes or Karakuri's boxes!!

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