Thursday, 25 June 2015

Gopher Holes

Time to review a wooden puzzle, so here we are with the Gopher Holes, made in Thailand.

It is a packing puzzle and as usually with packing puzzles, the goal is to put all the pieces inside the tray, so that it's flat.
You are provided with 6 pieces and a grid which has to be on the top and remain flat. Each piece has holes or wooden marbles and their 2 sides are not the same.

I think this is a pretty difficult puzzle because there are many possibilities in which way you can put the pieces. But it's very enjoyable and the quality is very good!!
Moreover, if you're lost or give up (I believe you won't), they provide the solutions in their website.

They sell many other puzzles, but mainly in wood.

HERE you can find the puzzle I have reviewed and there are other interesting things to buy for reasonable prices!!