Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Zobrist cube(s)

Al Zobrist launched his project on kickstarter, the famous crowdfunding website.
And that was a success!

He managed to get the funds to start the production of this game which you will likely be addicted!!


The puzzle is shipped in a nice box that closes with some magnets. After opening the box, you see:

..... 5 colorful cubes and a booklet.

The booklet is a code booklet in which thousands of codes are written: the plastic pieces needed are mentioned to create a 3*3 or a 4*4 cube. All the pieces are designed by a letter written on each. So it's easy to find (however a bit long, due to the large amount of pieces) the pieces you need to use.
There is also a small piece of paper included that says for each color the pieces that are from such or such color.

The level of difficulty is written, so you immediately know that you are to try a difficult cube or an easy one: the more possibilities you have for a challenge, the easier it will be.

And believe me, even for the easiest cubes, it's not so obvious because you can start in a wrong way...

Ok now, you can wonder: I already have a Soma cube and some cubes, so why should I buy this puzzle?

Well, first, it's not expensive and the quality is good! Then you will spend hours and hours, trying all the codes !!! So I like this game. That's not a "one-shot" game that you will store after having played for few minutes and gave up.
You can even try to write some solutions (they are not included, otherwise it would be a really really heavy booklet....) and also play with a friend: you chose a challenge for him and he chooses a challenge for you, and see who's the first to complete one's cube ;-)
You can also pick up some pieces and try to see if there are any solutions. Perhaps you will come to an impossible cube, who knows?...
Finally the pieces are sturdy and colorful, that's not a "cheap-looking" puzzle for sure!!

I wonder if there is a cube that has only one solution...

HERE you can buy yours. Enjoy :-)


  1. Postage is much too expensive - I'm not buying!


  2. Do you think $25 is expensive??!! I don't think so...
    Remind me how much did the Fire puzzle cost to ship....Much much much more !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. For a plastic puzzle - yes it is too expensive!
      My Fire cost nothing in postage! My metal puzzles from Wil were over 2Kg in weight and only cost €15. That is acceptable to me.

  3. Postage in the European Union generally costs 15 euros up to 2kg.
    USA is far, thus the increase in the shipping price. Take the distance into account. And even if it's plastic, it's pretty heavy !

    And for the fire, you're lucky, think about the poor guys overseas :)