Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cast nutcase

This puzzle belongs to the cast series of Hanayama's puzzles and is ranked as 6/6.
The puzzle is a trick bolt with a nut inside. It is composed of 2 big nuts with the words "nut" and "case" written on each. That's where the name of the puzzle comes from.

The first goal is to open the bolt to take the nut out of it.
Another challenge is to change the name of the puzzle to make it become "case nut" with the word "case" written on the nut above the other nut.

Challenge #2

Again, I don't really understand why it is ranked so high because the puzzle is not difficult to solve...It can take some time but not a lot!

One "big" problem with this puzzle is that you should roll along the nut on the thread quite carefuly because sometimes it jams a bit. This mainly happens when you're rolling the nuts and at the same time pulling the puzzle from each side to open the bolt (I am not really spoiling because you notice what you have do to quickly!)
Don't force, take your time, make small moves and everything will be ok :-)

Did you know about challenge #2 or you thought the only challenge was to open the puzzle?

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