Thursday, 3 September 2015

(Im)possible cards

I like impossible objects, like these cards. The funny thing is we call them "impossible" but the thing is they have been made, so it was possible to make them. And probably the impossible thing is to make them back to their initial state (even if I don't think you would try that!) without damaging them.

I love curves. The result is impressive! Don't you think so?

So it would be better to call them "impossible looking items": it seems impossible that they have been made because either you cannot fill in some shapes in a bottle or, like with these cards, it seems that it's not really possible to obtain these cuts without glue.

Symmetrical and precise: so nice !!!

So I tell you right now: no glue, no scotch tape have been used by the designer! And it's wonderfully made! It's crazy: how can he make such natural curves and such natural shapes??? "The habit" he told me :-)
But even with a pair of scissors I have difficulties to cut a round in a thin sheet of paper...cutting cards is much more complicated.

The designer does not only make these beautiful impossible card but also impossible bottles and impossible folded bills. He makes a very very good job!!

Ralf has also a website where you can contact him if you would like to purchase some impossible cards or bottles.
Do not hesitate to drop him an email, he is a nice guy!

Do you prefer impossible cards or impossible bottles? Or perhaps both at the same time: an impossible card in an impossible bottle :-)

No, I will not try to unfold them :-)

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