Thursday, 21 January 2016

7 woods, 6 pieces, 1 puzzle !!!

You guess what was the puzzle? Well done! A small wooden puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin, crafted by the talented Lee Krasnow and called "Seven woods".

This puzzle is composed of six pieces that need to be assembled in certain way to get this beautiful geometrical solid. The fit of the pieces is absolutely perfect, which make the assembly pretty tricky. Lee did a great job with the glueing of the pieces and with the cutting. Take care: the pieces are sharp!

The puzzle was presented solved in a nice box:

Humm perhaps we can consider that the puzzle is solved when the pieces are assembled, can't we?
What do you think?

Even the way the pieces are put in the box is very nice and original. This crafter has thought about everything!
This is all the more appreciable that most designers do not sell their puzzles in customized box or display stand. We can only agree on the efforts made by Lee!

The shape of the puzzle and the shape of the pieces reminded me a lot of an origami solid I folded some time ago:

The shapes look the same but for my origami I used 12 squared sheets of paper, and for this puzzle there are only half of the pieces (6). Moreover, if you look carefully at the puzzle you have only one diagonal on the top, whereas you have two for my origami. Thus, maybe the assembly is different...

I assume it would have been pretty the same at the beginning, so I tried to assemble in the same way. First two pieces, ok. Third, fine. Fourth, that's ok. Fifth can be ok but difficult. Last one: impossible!
Usually with origami, it's always the last piece that is difficult to assemble and thus you need to fold it slightly, but that impossible to fold wood pieces :-)
So I failed trying to use the same method which consisted of putting pieces one by one. And if you cannot add one piece after another in a "basic way", then you need to consider other assembly methods, what I did...and it worked! I had an idea and was surprised that it worked very well and smoothly, but again you need to be very precise!

A small hesitation: should I put the puzzle in its box?....For the moment it's in it...What do you prefer?

To conclude: a nice puzzle, which relatively small size does not provide you from having a lot of fun to solve it again and again!

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