Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kasho's X-Mas present for 2015: Panda

As many of you have already guessed the Panda puzzle was the X-Mas present for 2015 designed and crafted by Kasho. And yes, "Panda" is the official name. All the names are put now in the website.

This wooden puzzle is very cute with its shape and the colors that contrast well.

The finish is very precise as well as the fit.

2015 was my first year when I joined Karakuri club and thus I decided to pick up several X-Mas presents to try what each craftmen have to offer.

Even if I like the design of this puzzle and the fact that -as mentioned in Karakuri's website- we can rotate the nose of the Panda, this is clearly a too easy puzzle! Not a lot of steps are required and normally you should solve it in less than 1 minute.

For the same price I prefer to choose other puzzles like Iwahara's which are more difficult with a more complicated mechanism.

I do not think I will order Kasho again. What about you?

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