Thursday, 9 June 2016

Allès Roger

The name means "all Roger", so we can think it includes all the trick seen in his puzzles...but well just having a look at the puzzle seem obvious that it will not be (and is not possible) the case. In fact, the puzzle looks like R2D2: metal and plexi for the materials and the same goal which is to make the small marble go through the bigger marbles.

There are 2 obstacles to go through: the first one should not be a problem because it's a little bit of (easy) dexterity. The real challenge is the second obstacles (the 2 big marbles), because dexterity will be useless....!!

The solution is not the same as for R2D2, but I would say that they have some common points: solving one can help to have ideas on solving the other. Whereas R2D2 has 2 different solutions, this one has only one, but a nice one, of course! I would say that it's moderately difficult and you will have to think outside the box to solve it :-)

Like the other puzzles from Roger D, the trick is hard to find and when found it's not so difficult to repeat it again and again. It makes it a very nice (and collectible) puzzle to own!!

A puzzle for you: why has Roger D chosen this name for the puzzle?...

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