Thursday, 16 June 2016

Stars that make your puzzle collection even nicer!

It's good to have a nice collection of puzzles, it's even better not to store them in big boxes and never play with them (the goal a puzzle is not to look at it, but to play with it!), and it's even better if you put your puzzles in a nice way so that it's not like a big mess in a cabinet :-)

But what makes your puzzle collection really nice is to add some thingy things: it can be spinning tops, it can be some posters about impossible things (for example Escher paintings, so wonderful!!!). And let me introduce you something that will make your puzzle collection shine a lot: folding stars made out of bronze by John Kostick.

Yes, you saw it right: they can be folded!!!! And thus, be stored really easily, look below how they will arrive at your place:

You just need to push and pull and the stars will be born :-)

I feel these stars are very aesthetic and can only highlight your collection. The ones I have put in pictures can be folded, but there are many more other stars that are bigger and with more work put on them that cannot be fold. All look very nice.

Jane and John make also wooden puzzles, just check out their beautiful website. And do not hesitate to ask them questions, they are very customer-friendly, that can only be appreciated.

HERE you can buy the stars, and why not beginning a star collection!


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