Thursday, 28 July 2016

Clive box

The clive box, aka one piece packing puzzle, was designed an crafted by Simon Nightingale for IPP 19 in London, pretty long time ago.

Easy to understand the name of "one piece packing puzzle" as the goal is to pack the cube inside the box. Given that you have only one piece to pack, you should not have to much difficulties to do so....but who knows...If you have already played with some Nightingale's, his puzzles always look pretty straight forward, until you play with them and notice some nice features :)

The difficulty is not high and it's changing: I mean you can solve it under 5 minutes with a bit of luck or spend many more minutes. This is a really nicely made little puzzle and it hides well its mechanism.

I wish I had the diagram of the internals because, it would be fun to see that.

On the way to be solved :-)

I love this puzzle, despite its not really high difficulty, I do think the mechanism is cool and pretty new.

This is definitely a must-have in your collection and it's highly collectible, don't miss the opportunity if you can grab one. In my opinion, this is the coolest packing puzzle that will entertain you without the usual frustration that comes with packing puzzles!

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