Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sandfield’s Dovetail Donut

When it comes to wooden dovetails, you cannot have better than the designs from the Sandfield brothers and crafted by Perry McDaniel. The quality is awsome, the mechanism clever, the wood wonderful, well you cannot go wrong!!

Don't they look delicious?

"Donut" dovetails are not common at all, and this may be the only one that exists. Usually you have the common shape: square or triangle. So this is nice to see a new shape :)

As usual with Perry's craftmanship, the quality is very good. The fit is perfect (which is very appreciated not to be spoiled!) and the wood is soft to touch. The fit being perfect, the dovetail joints are very sharp. So I cannot recommand more than you take a lot of care where you put your fingers when trying to solve and reassemble the puzzle....

Having said that, the mechanism is pretty unusual and completely new among the Sandfield's puzzles, but it works!

No wonder that you will like this donut, one bite and you're in paradise!!

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