Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ring box

The title of this post is not really specific to this metal puzzle designed and crafted by Gary Foshee some time ago, because many puzzles are called "ring box" (like one small puzzle made out of corian designed and crafted by Frank Chambers, that I reviewed before).

Regarding the design: very nice and very well made like most (if not all) Gary's puzzles. The puzzle is like a small metal cylinder with a button that you can push on the top (and that does not make anything special?....) and something ratling inside, maybe the ring?

Oh yes, and the puzzle also comes with a small piece of paper attached to the black pouch with a paperclip, where it's written "solution" !!!

This is not the first time that I see a puzzle coming with the solution (?) and it reminds me some old Strijbos'. You have several possibilities: either the designer wanted to make fun of you by trying to mean that what you see is what's needed to solve the puzzle whereas it's not. Or the designer did provide you with all the tools needed. It's up to you to investigate and try things :)

If you consider that what you see is all the tools useful to solve the puzzle, then you have a piece of paper, a pouch and a paperclip, but what to do? And when? Because when looking at the puzzle it seems that you do not need all these things....No you cannot put the paperclip in the small hole on the bottom of the puzzle (I am sure you will try), no you cannot put the puzzle in the black pouch, shake it and like with a bit of magic the puzzle solved itself (I am sure you will not try that haha).

This puzzle has a simple mechanism, but a very very efficient one and for me solving this puzzle was pleasant because Gary implemented a new kind of mechanism/solving process. So it's not only a nice and collectible puzzle to have but also a one-of-a-kind mechanism.
But take care: you have to reassemble the puzzle in the way you solved it. I mean: don't try "stupid things" (like what I did...but I managed to sort it out and reassemble the puzzle!) because you could jammed the puzzle for good. The collectors who have this puzzle will understand how this puzzle can be jammed....(don't try that!).

I am sure now you wonder if it was a ring which was ratling inside the puzzle, here is the end of the suspense :)

Maybe the ring is involved in the solution process??