Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cast loop: level 1

A nice puzzle, designed by Vesa Timonen, that could easily be a nice necklace if it was a little bit smaller though :)
The puzzle is indeed provided with a small rope.

The puzzle is put as the below position. At the beginning I thought the puzzle was almost solved, but actually this is the starting position. You need to disassemble the 2 parts of the puzzle and then make a complete closed ring.

Note that there is a magnet which provides the ring from disassembling by itself, a very good idea!!!

Reassembling the 2 parts to get the final closed ring (as shown on the right above picture) can be pretty confusing. Even if you manage to do once, the next time you try it, you may fail. It requires a good brain to remember what to do.

In my mind, this puzzle deserves a 3/6 difficulty ranking and definitely not a 1/6. It's not super hard, but enough confusing to puzzle the best solvers :-)

This puzzle is very cleverly designed and is my favourite so far in the 1/6 difficulty ranking.
It's very fun to solve it again and again and to torture people's mind trying to solve it.

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