Sunday, 9 October 2016

Summary of cast puzzles (Hanayama) level 1

I have reviewed all the level 1 puzzles so far. I am sure there will always be new level 1 puzzles.
I don't think I will update this page (but I will see later) because it would be long to find it.

So far, you can find:
Cast ABC
Cast bike
Cast flag
Cast hook
Cast key
Cast loop
Cast seabream
Cast shark

My favourite is the Cast loop: it has a nice design, is tricky to reassemble even if you disassembled it few minutes ago and is always fun to solve. I like the feature with the magnet.
I like also the Cast shark.

My less favourite puzzle is cast hook. Well, the puzzle is far from being obvious, but what I like less is that there is a bit of friction and you really need to make tiny moves to solve it.
Don't get me wrong, it's a nice puzzle, but just not my favourite one :-)

What's your favourite level 1? And your less favourite level 1?


  1. I think the cast key is a really nice one to give to non-puzzlers; it looks enchanting and it's immediately obvious what the goal is, and it's not too hard.

    I definitely agree however that the cast loop is the most puzzlingly 'pleasing' out of the lot, even if it isn't the hardest.

  2. It seems we have the same taste for cast puzzles :-)
    For the cast loop, I gave it to a non puzzler friend and he solved it many times and fast. Others have more difficulties. A great puzzle!