Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Some nice twisties

My first review of twisties that I want to share with you!!! And top quality of course!

All these twisties come from this puzzle shop online. They are very fast to reply and they offer a very big range of puzzles. I am sure you will find something that suits your twisty taste :)

I decided to go for a super floppy, a basic stickerless 3x3, a skewb and a magic clock.

First let's start with the floppy cube, well, it's not really a cube as it's a 1x3x3 twisty and it's very easy, anybody can solve it and without algorithms.
The very nice thing with this puzzles is that it's flat at the beginning and then you can have a 3D shape. In this case, you just need to make it flat and solve it. Why it's very easy? Because you can turn the small cubes when you have the puzzle like on the picture above. Maybe this feature was not planned? Anyone knows? Because I did see some algorithms to solve this floppy twisty.
Obviously it's not a twisty used for time competition, but who cares. It's smooth enough. I like it. The mean trick is to give it in its 3D shape to someone not used to (even easy) puzzles :) 

Now the 3x3 rubik's cube: this is a DaYan stickerless cube. I heard many good thing about this puzzle and it's known to be one of the best stickerless 3x3 cubes in the market and in my opinion it is! The moves are super smooth and you can make the cut-corner technique easily, which is a top criteria for speed cubes!
Also the good thing about stickerless cubes is the fact the the stickers won't get damaged as there are none :-)
A very very nice cube that everyone should try to get!
 The colors are bright wich is also something pleasant!

Now the magnetic repositionning skewb twisty: it has a cube shape but behaves not like a cube.

This puzzle is way easier than the rubik's cube because there are fewer algorithms and they are easier to remember. You can find them on the internet.
Again, this one is a stickerless and I chose the brand MoYu as it's one of the best quality for the skewb. Again this is a smooth puzzle, I like it a lot. As it's very smooth (and especially when you're not used to that), you need to be careful when making the moves because you can make unexpecting moves as it can turn easily. The good thing with this puzzle is that it's easy to take it apart and reassemble without screwing up the puzzle. You have an X-Y-Z axis and then you just need to put the pieces around it. Easy I told you :)
To be honest, the magnetic repositionning is not really noticeable...I was expecting stronger magnets to reposition faster and more efficiently. Something to improve I feel. Nevermind, I repositioned manually.

And the last puzzle is a magic clock. It can be considered as a twisty as well because the principle is pretty the same.
Actually you need to scramble the 9 clocks by turning the wheels on the side of the puzzles, while moving up or down the 4 buttons on the center of the puzzle. I have not yet solved it, but there are techniques to do so on the internet and the technique is also provided with the puzzles (though I must admit it's not super clear-for me I mean). Be warned: you need to solve the nine clocks on each side, so a total of 18 clocks!!

You can also push/pull several buttons at the same time, resulting in moving the time on the clocks in different ways (when moving the wheels).
This is a fun puzzle to play with and I like that it's a different design. It's good to see other things than cubes, d'ont you think so? :)
After scrambling it, now it's time to solve it!!!....pun intended??....

All these 4 puzzles come from this shop, which I strongly advise to you.

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