Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Pharaoh's Secret

Designed by Perry McDaniel and produced by Norman Sandfield, this nice dovetail bears well its name as the goal is to open it and discover the secret of the Pharaoh.

This puzzle is a nice addition to the series of dovetail puzzles by the Sandfield brothers and implements a nice and pretty new kind of step. 
Not being a difficult puzzle, this one shows its secrets pretty quickly. Indeed, it does not have a lot of steps and they are pretty easy to discover.

A good thing with this puzzle is that you don't have to be as careful as with other dovetail puzzles because it's unlikely that you will cut yourself with the dovetail joints.

Usually, Pharaoh's pyramids were pretty much like a giant puzzle to solve to be able to reach the Pharaoh and one could have expected more steps to open this pyramid.

However, the nice shape of the puzzle and mechanism are worth the case to have it in your collection or to play with it.

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