Monday, 21 January 2019

Double Tumbler

After the tumbler puzzle designed and made by Jon Keegan that I reviewed few days ago, here comes its big brother: the Double Tumbler !

Some may wonder if it looks (and can be solved) same as the tumbler and may hesitate to buy it or not.
I always feel frustrated when I buy puzzles that are the same but with minor changes. So let me explain why it's pretty different from the tumbler and why you should get both.

As a first sight, it's a cylinder, but apart from the anodization color, you will notice that you have 3 moving parts, compared to 2 for the tumbler. Which means, this should be more challenging than the (already challenging) tumbler puzzle! ;)

You still get the holes on the core of the puzzle, which look nice and can be of a help to solve the puzzle. Well, of course it does not show everything!!

As for the tumbler you will hear some ball bearing, you may assume what you need to do and you may be right. But then how to do that?
Sometimes, the top cap can be rotated, sometimes it's blocked and sometimes you can pull the cap a bit....bu the puzzle is still locked.

As for the internals, when you open it you will notice several changes from the tumbler and you will see how Jon has a twisted mind implementing some traps here and there. And you should definitely understand such or such situation that happened when you were trying to solve the puzzle :-)
I cannot tell more without spoiling, but in my mind both tumbler are worth the case to be bought together. And you should start with the tumbler, then experience the double tumbler.

Same good point as for the tumbler: no spring involved, hence no issue with damaging the top/bottom of the cylinder with it.

Jon should still have some in stock, you can contact him to check!


  1. Double Tumbler is definitely "easier" if you've solved Tumbler, for sure. And Jon was evil enough to build a couple of traps into it just like Tumbler. I love how when you can't turn the top knob one direction, you CAN turn it in the other direction. Now that gave me pause to think along the way!

  2. for me it took more time ;)

  3. Perhaps because it's not quite as amenable to lucky moments, where you suddenly have a ball down and visible. I remember that feeling with Strijbos' cylinder :-). Double didn't just drop a ball into my lap like Tumbler - it made me really think about what could be/had to be inside.