Saturday, 12 January 2019

Wave 7

After his 2 jigsaw puzzles, Yuu Asaka keeps on designing nice plexi packing puzzles and this time it have like wave-shaped pieces.

The goal is still the same and the challenge is still high! And it's definitely more difficult than the jigsaw 19 as you have a lot of possibilities to put the pieces inside the tray.

You will notice that some pieces fit perfectly with others when they have the right orientation and you will also soon realize that you will have to put some pieces vertically and some others horizontally. Now the challenge is: which pieces... :-)

I needed a bit of help for this one and even with the help it was still challenging. 

The puzzle does not require any force to make the pieces fit inside the tray. The fit is absolutely perfect like Yuu's other packing puzzles. So you need to think about to put 2 pieces so that the gap between them and outside of them is as small as possible, so that you can "save" some space for the other pieces. You need to take into account the shape of the pieces and experiment if you can put such or such piece inside them.

To conclude: a puzzle that will puzzle you for long time!

If you want to buy it, you can contact Yuu.

I would not be surprised if it pops up at next design competition ;)
We'll see!


  1. I've now completed Yuu's three puzzles. Each are excellent. I think I like Puzzle 29 the most, but each is ultimately very conceptual, with Puzzle 19 perhaps being the most so!

  2. I can only agree with you ;)
    All are fun and nice quality
    I struggled a lot with the wave puzzle! But it's a fun puzzle.

    Check my blog to see what's coming next..... :)