Sunday, 22 September 2019

Titan's lock

Time for a lock puzzle review! Been a long time!!

Why the name of "Titan"? Easy: the brand is "Titan"....and maybe your challenge is huge?... :)

This nice lock is actually more a sequencial discovery trick lock as it requires several tools and steps to open. Your goal is to find the Titan's treasures (which is a white marble).

The Titan lock has been designed and crafted by Sashko, a Sweedish guy.

It comes with a small boocklet about the stroty of the Titan and your objectives with that lock. Also what you have is a broken key (one part is stuck on the booklet). Does it remind anyone of another lock?...but wait! This one is totally different!!

You will try what everyone try and see you're not going further....and maybe you find be trapped!
And trust me the trap is devilish. I knew what to do, but doins if way more difficult than saying. I am sure you feel with the pain :)
But what is a puzzle if it has no traps?....

Once you have mastered the trap you can continue your puzzle journey. But the journey is definitely not finished and you will have to use the tools in a clever way. Once you realize what you have to do, your "aha-ha" moment will come! It has stumped me for a while, this is not an easy task. Remember it's a Titan's task.

After many hours of puzzling I finally got the treasure. Ok so as I mentioned previously the treasure is a small marble. But in my opinion, it is too big and won't roll smoothly, and you may even have to ban a bit the lock to free it. Guess what I even broke it. I did not realize I had so much force. Not, I'm jocking. Basically what I did it that when reassembling the lock the shackle could not go as far as it should go because the marble did not go to the complete end of the hole and blocked the shackle. I had the great (finally not so great) idea to push the shackle firmly so that the marble could be pushed inside completely, but the result is that I applied too much force and of course the treasure want where it should have been but the shackle crushed it... :-(
What I did (and what you should do) is to find a smaller marble that can roll smoothly inside.

Reassembling the lock is not as difficult as solving it, but take care of the traps :)

Overall a very nice challenging lock that I am sure you will like.

You can find it on the designers' etsy shop: search " Titan's treasure puzzle lock" :)

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