Wednesday, 9 October 2019

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Vesa Timonen did it again !!

Here we are with a new Vesa's design which obviously has been produced by Hanayama company.

I think you can only agree that msot Vesa's puzzles have a difficulty of around 3-4 but are way more difficult than what you should expect, all are good and devilish and all are very rewarding when you finally solve them :)

The puzzle is composed of 3 parts, 2 being identical. OK easy? Well not that much. When you play with it you will soon notice there is an obstacle, which is easy to identify: it's the protubing part of the middle piece. Without it, it wuld be quick to solve that puzzle. But the genius of Vesa is to have added that part, which will stump you I am sure!

I thought it would be not difficult to solve, but it still took me several minutes (honestly I did not time it, but for sure less than 1 hours). I analyzed it and still I could not figure out how to solve it, but with an unexpected unintentionally move (or maybe I did it on purpose without paying too much attention too it), I finally solve it. Very rewarding puzzle. I cannot solve more without spoiling, but maybe the reassembly process will be a little bit more difficult? Once you know how to solve it then it's quick and easy.

This is the perfect puzzle to bring with you as it can also be used as a fidget toy :)
And it will puzzle your friends as well.

Yes, fidget toy!!! :)

Challenging without being frustratingly difficult, this puzzles really embodies for me what a perfect cast puzzle is and should be. It's a level 3/6 but don't get fool by the rating, it will surprise you!

Congrats Vesa!

You can buy this puzzles at this puzzle webshop: HERE
They even have other nice puzzles to sell as well as other things, check it out.

A quick note about webshop: I do recommand European webshops for European people because you will avoid custom taxes and the delivery will be fast! :)

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