Friday, 15 April 2022

Hanayama - chess piece KING

From the Hanayama series, there are not only the cast puzzles, but also the series of the chess pieces.

Basically all the pieces on a usual chess board !

So let's talk about the King.

First thing to notice: the packaging is awsome and give justice to the beauty of the puzzle itself.

Second thing: the quality is super nice, but you knwo that you cannot go wrong with Hanayama. The precision is perfect and I have never had any issues so far with their puzzles.

Now the solving process: it's definitely not the hardest hanayama puzzle: it's rated as 3/6. I would pretty much agree or maybe a 2/6 is you're seasoned with other chess pieces in the series.

The mechanism is clever and should puzzle your friends for some time until they solve the puzzle and get their reward (a small little coin inside).

The chess pieces exist in several color but the solution is the same. So the color does not matter but it would be better to collect the pieces in the same color :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop!

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