Monday, 11 April 2022

Cast Dice

Cast Dice is an Hanayama puzzle with a nice looking design and designed by Timothy Collins. It changes from the usual designers of cast puzzle (Oskar and Vesa) :)

It is composed of a cage (but it's not a hedgehog style puzzle) and 3 pieces that go in the 3 possible directions of a dice. It's rated with a 3/6 difficulty. For some reasons I disagree a bit, let's see.

It did not take me super long to solve, but it was mainly with fiddling and without real understanding nor applying any logic to the puzzle. And BAM it came apart and I solved the puzzle. Ok fine!

Normally you usually solve a level 1/6 puzzle with luck 'and not with all), so I would give it a 1/6.

Reassembling is also fiddling with the puzzle and BAM it reassembled !!!

Well that was pretty much the scenario how it happened with me. Reassemling the puzzle is somewhat a bit more difficult.

For theses reasons some people may not like it and I could understand. But I am a metal lover and cast puzzle collectors and well it thought this was a cute puzzle and a nice fidget toy. So for sure it's definitely not my favourite hanayama puzzles, but I don't hate it!

And yes, I still advise you to buy it !! :)

You can find Cast Dice on Puzzle Master webshop

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