Thursday, 24 March 2022

Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

For the 3rd review of a puzzle designed and produced by CreativeWorkshopCA, I am going to review the Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle box, also known as the Newton puzzle.

And this is clearly way more challenging than Horus and Tiger !! You're warned!

The puzzle is bigger and has 3 moving parts and again some ball bearings. Some writings surround the puzzle.

Just to be clear: it's not really a cryptex puzzle: you don't have to solve any riddles or anything like that. The name of the puzzle (Newton) can give you a hint (that I was only aware after reading the official solution....meaning: it's not so that useful to solve the puzzle).



By moving the different part of the puzzle you will see that there are some holes on the core of the puzzle and probably you will have to make the lin between these holes and the ball bearings...

Again, I had an idea on how to solve the puzzle, but it was more challenging to implement the idea than expected.

Be prepared to see some ball bearings disappear and then appear again somewhere else for a reason that you might not fully understand :)

The main difficulty with this puzzle is that you cannot see what you're doing (that would be ok with a small puzzle though) and there are many things involved. At some point a lid can be blocked, but you might not understand why.

I advise also to pull the lid and probabl you have solved the puzzle without noticing it.

At some point, I manage to pull the lid and I was like "finally solved!" but the lid did not fully come apart and so I did not have solve the puzzle :-(

It's after some time that I completely solve the puzzle!

Obviously I did not follow the steps as in the official solution, I guess the correct solving process is not super easy.

I like the puzzle, but maybe a bit too challenging (or frustrating) for me.

But again, I advise it!

About the screws: they are not part of the puzzle. Unscrewing them allow you to reset the puzzle easier. But of course, if you admit defeat then you can unscrew them and check the mechanism.

The puzzle is available: HERE

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