Monday, 14 March 2022

Eye of Horus - Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

Eyes of Horus is the second puzzle box, along with Tiger, produced by CreativeWorkshopCA, with the same difficulty.

I don't know which of the 2 is more challenging...maybe this one (basically I don't set a timer to see if I am good at a puzzle or not, so....)

Both Tiger and Horus share some characteristics: very well made with 3D printers and things ratling inside.

I roughly had an idea how I could solve the puzzle and it turned out to be the right idea.

Horus has a second lid on the top of a first lid, it moves, but is it useful? will have to figure out!

When I played with the puzzle, sometimes the lid was stucked, sometimes it moved freely. Blocking the lid can help you doing some things, but (and this is not a spoiler!) if the lid cannot move then you cannot open the puzzle.

Contrary to Tiger, for horus you have a small hole on the oustide of the puzzle, from where you will see a ball bearing appearing and then disappearing. It is helpful !

For that reason, I think I prefer Horus than Tiger, despite both of them being super cool ! 


And again, for the quality, solving process and price, I can only recommend to buy them :)

You can buy Horus on Puzzle Master webshop !

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