Thursday, 10 March 2022

The Tiger - Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

I will review all the puzzles from this etsy shop, starting with the easiest one (or one of the easiest): the tiger.

The name of the puzzle comes from the nice tiger pattern on the top of the lid.

Tiger is designed and produced by CreativeWorkshopCA.

All their puzzles are 3D-printed with a high quality level. 

At a first glance, it looks very nice and when you hold it and shake it a bit, you can hear some ball bearings rattlings....maybe you can try to guess the mechanism already?

Basically the mechanism used is not something completely new to me as I already have a puzzle that shares the same mechanism more or less. I won't tell you which though :)

The main challenge with Tiger is that you cannot see what you're doing, you can only rely on the noise of the puzzle. It did not take me too much time to solve but it was quite a challenge. And it's satisfying to solve. Not difficult to reassemble!

It's the perfect puzzle to torture a beginner and to challenge a seasoned puzzler. And for the cheap price you know that you cannot go wrong with it :)

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master website:)


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