Thursday, 3 March 2022


Sachiko is a nice puzzle designed by a Frédéric Boucher, know for his packing puzzles that have a little something special, and this one is not an exception to the rule !

This is indeed a packing puzzles with several nice little things: the shape of the pieces and the shape of the tray with its several holes. Usually when there are holes in the tray it's to manipulate the pieces more easily....only that?

My usual technique when you have obstructions with the tray: you try solving the puzzles outside the tray first. I thought that would be pretty easy to assembling directly the pieces inside the tray, and soon I realized I should proceed as usually: outside of the tray !

It did not take me that long and I must admit the the solution is satisfaying. I liked to repeat again and again the last step. And you must understand why if you've solved the puzzle already :)

For sure, this is a must-have if you like packing puzzles that are not packing puzzles and if you like Fred Boucher's designs.

You can buy the puzzle on Puzzle Master webshop!

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