Friday, 5 August 2022

SSSP & Valve puzzles

Quick review of 2 hanayama puzzles

SSSP Emblem Shooting Star

It's basically the same kind of puzzle that another existing puzzle in the hanayama series: cast diamond. But in a different shape. It's also a bit more expensive. I don't know if this (and the other in this special series) was released for a specific event. 

Personally I like the design a lot and for sure I love the solution. For a true collector, both cast diamond and SSSP are needed. For a newbie, only cast diamonde will be "mandatory" :)

Note that this puzzle is sold out at Puzzle Master webshop. But I still put the link of it. So check from time to time if there is stock again!

Cast Valve

Cast valve has a nice shape and it's very pleasant to play with it. Push, pull, turn the pieces to solve it. I managed to solve it blindly, and I am quite sure many of you will not completely understand how it works.

It's designed by Vesa Timonen who is famous for having designed many cast puzzles!

I have a mixed feeling about this puzzle: for sure it looks beautiful and it's pleasant to play with it. However I solved it by luck without by real analysis (even if I deduced that there must be some groves to be aligned, etc.).

Putting back together is way more difficult. I managed to find solution, but it was not easy at all. I wished that the outside part of the puzzle (not the silver core but the golden part) had some writtings on it so that we could better see which side we have to align with which part of the silver piece. Else this is very difficult to follow the explanations. 

So a nice puzzle, but definitely not my favourite one !

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