Monday, 12 September 2022

C1 puzzle

Creative Workshop is pretty productive in terms of puzzles released over the past few months. I have reviewed many (just browse in my older reviews).

Their recent puzzles have been pretty big, the new one C1 is smaller. That does not mean easier!

The goal remains the same: open the big by trying to make your path through the devilish traps. It's obivous that there are locking pins allinside the puzzle. The real question is: how to deal with them.

Actually there are 3 challenges: understand how to move the top, how to move the bottom, solve the puzzle.

I fugured out quickly how to solve thefirst 2 goals. The 3rd one puzzled me for some time. But I am still proud of having been able to solve it without any help and without taking hours and hours.

I still must admit I was lucky (luck is always welcome anyway!) and once opened I realized that the puzzle is more complex than what I expected: very well thought, clever, and not for the faint of art.

Of course, as usual the quality it top and the mechanism is very reliable.

I tend to think that C1 is more or less equal to the orb in term of difficulty. I would rate Newton as a bit more difficult.

The marks on the side of the puzzle: are they of any help? or just here for the beauty? you will need to figure out :-)

If you like the puzzles in the series and/or you want to be puzzled, go for it, you won't regret.

The puzzle is available at Puzzle Master webshop

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