Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Some bolts

The bolt puzzles are a nice market inside the nice market that are puzzles.

Indeed, not a lot designers made trick bolts (that the name of puzzle bolts) and even the famous ones don't implement a lot of things inside a bolt. Well....because of the size, it's obvious that you cannot have a lot of things inside a bolt.

The most famous designer is Rocky Chiaro who stopped making puzzle. Wil Strijbos also made some big bolts. Both designer can be considered as "premium bolts". For cheaper bolts, this review is for you.

I will quickly review 3 bolts. In terms of difficulty, they are very easy, with still an increase of difficulty among them.

Trick Bolt #1

A very easy trick bolt, actually it's more a trick than a "real" puzzle. It should not take that long, even for newbies. This also depends on how the previous solver reassembled the puzzle...

Trick Bolt #3

This is the most difficult among the series. So far this bolt has a "unique" mechanism, ie: I have not seen so far the same mechanism in a trick bolt puzzle. So a good surprise. Took me like 30 seconds to solve though :)

Trick Bolt #2

A nice bolt, easy, but I would say still a bit trickly to fidle as it can jammed. I mean not "blocked" nor been broken, but just things things not properly aligned can cause the puzzle to not open :)

I would recommend these puzzles more for children or newcommers to puzzles as they won't challenge you a lot. Still, they are nice and will display well in any metal / trick bolts collection !

If you want to get all the 3 and have a reduced price: you can find them on Puzzle Master webshop

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