Friday, 23 September 2022

Can you beat the MisFit

A new puzzle by Bozo has landed for the joy of puzzlers !!!

The MisFit will now challenge your skills :)

I have not yet solved it and I will update this post or make a new one once done, but I just wanted to share my joy. The quality is still top but it has even raised to sky now:

the tray is less fragile

the "lid" has magnets to maintain the pieces (either in a solved position or unsolved position)


To be honest: this is very clever to have this configuration, so that you can display the puzzle in the way you want and it protects well the pieces.


Unless my internet brower does not work well, it does not seem that Bozo has updated yet his website.

But you can order this puzzle with the following link (it includes a 10% reduction price): order MisFit

Remember that you can still use the coupon code RPW7ZMDYF6XZ to get a 10% reduction for the puzzles in his website

And once again, I really advise you to buy all of them.

They all have something special and all are challenging!

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