Thursday, 12 February 2015

Magic billet box

Perhaps you know some crowdfunding companies like kickstarter? Well, this projet was funded through kickstarter by Eric Krusentjerna.

He uses CNC machines to make those really nice trick opening boxes. They cannot be considered a real box puzzles, but more as secret boxes. But in any case, you have to figure out how to open the box! The mechanism is pretty ingenious by the way and I did not have any of this kind before.

The box are in aluminium and can be anodized (upon request) with gold, red, blue, etc. anodization. As you can notice my box has a red anodization. If you don't choose anodization the price is a bit lower, but anodization makes your box nicer and more colorful and also it protects from scratches, so it has only advantages :-)

It is not completely opened!

What is good is that first there is some space inside the box to hide some small items. Then the quality is very good: everything fits well and the mechanism works well, of course!
And finally you can order a customized box: you can say which anodization color you want and choose the engraved forms that surround the box.
In my case it has a Vasarely design and I love Vasarely!!
There are many other models offered like a box that looks like the secret cube in Mario with an "?" on the box. And if you don't find the model you want, just say to Eric which design you would like and he will make it for you. So the possibilities are almost unlimited :-)

There are 2 kind of trick boxes offered, just check Eric's website HERE
Please note that as he will change his website, this link may not work in the future (I don't know)

Don't look at the video in Eric's website because the solution is shown in them. Also, when you receive your (well protected from damage) box, don't look at the opposite site of his business card because the solution is written on it. Just put aside his business card and look at it later if you don't find the solution.

If you want to contact Eric for any questions or purchases, please drop me an email and I will give you his email address.

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  1. This blog is very interesting and unusual. I like the patterns on these boxes they look very complicated and it's an interesting idea to have a puzzle box. I think these boxes would be great for hiding small secret things. Although they look so interesting and eye catching that anyone who comes to your house would have a look at it.

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising