Thursday, 9 July 2015

Coin puzzles

This review is about 2 coins puzzles designed by Mineyuki Uyematsu with original shape and pretty strange name. The goal of both puzzles is to free the chinese coin.
The material used are layers of plastic screwed together by 3 screws. It seems that we can unscrew the screws, I did not, but if anyone did, please let me know.

The first one is called Hard-Boiled Coin

The color is the puzzle can remind you the original color of an egg, as well as the shape of the puzzle.

Nothing has moved and the coin is out? Come on, I have hidden the trick lol

The second puzzle is called Hole Vacancy Coin and has a different shape and different colors

The coin is not blocked the same way in both puzzles even if the mechanism is pretty much the same kind. You immediately know what you have to do but the trick is so well hidden that you may have some difficulties to solve the puzzles. At least I had.

Mineyuki designed other same kind of puzzles, but they seem to be very rare.
I like these puzzles, they are nice and I like the way they are solved. However, the solving process is somewhat similar...and for the Hole Vacancy Coin, when I "reassemble" the puzzle it jams a little bit...
Cu-Japan sold some of them. Perhaps you should ask them if they still have some on stock.

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