Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ready to read book puzzles???

You like puzzles? Yes, I am sure about that!!
You like books also?? Well, then you're ready for puzzling books !!! :-)

These books are laser-cutted by Péter Gal and are based on many kind of puzzles, mostly packing puzzles (goal is to fit all the pieces in a tray) which are "pretty" difficult, you're warned!
Many of them are based on ideas from S.Coffin for example, so known designers and thus nice puzzles!

In each puzzle you find the pieces on the right side and on the left side there is a sheet of paper (in one side: the goal, in the other: the solution)

I fond these puzzles really nice and enjoyable and also practical: you can easily store them and when aligned the shade of colors is nice :-)

As the pieces are laser-cuted, the fit is precise and excellent, thus it can be tricky to pack some pieces...

I put below some nice book puzzles:

This one is very very difficult...

For some puzzles you are given pieces and 2 different (or more) shapes to fill in with these pieces. The shapes have to be filled in completely, so no big space between pieces!
These kind of puzzles are very handsome:

Some puzzles have the same pieces but not the same tray to be filled in, thus you need to orientate the pieces in different way.
That's really funny to see that for the same number of pieces you can fill a smaller tray...You will have to think twice before putting the pieces ;-)

Do you have some? If so, which are your favourite ones?

If you need to contact Peter, let me know unless perhaps he puts his email address in the comments, who knows. 

In any case if you cant to see more of his puzzles, you can have a look HERE.

Enjoy, but read also real book :-)

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