Thursday, 30 July 2015

When it's hot, it's fire puzzle!

This puzzle is the first of the series of "element" puzzles (fire, water, earth, air) designed by Steve Miller, who drives also an explosives company.

This puzzle comes with a beautiful box and some clues that need to be solved first.
Does it remind you something? the box...the clues....

Opened !!! The box, I mean... :-)

It should be, either you have the Isis puzzles or have read my review about them.

The clues are very hard. I must admit that it annoyed me a lot, I did not have fun with them. You can spend hours of frustration on solving the clues. But this can be also seen as a puzzle, even if I prefer solving mechanical puzzles rather than cryptic puzzles...

I regret that this principle of clues is a mere copy of the Isis puzzles, that is not really new nor original.
Perhaps it can be explained (in part) because the designer of this puzzle designed also some puzzles for SonicGame company (the Isis puzzles), thus he took the same ideas.

Anyway, the design of the puzzles is very good and the quality superb!
It is heavy, so take care!
The thing that I like less is the plastic feet of the puzzle that can slip away from the base because they are just glued...

Some people solved it without the clues, some needed the clues. I think the clues are useful, but you have to interpret them, and this is not easy. You need to think twice, three times or more about the meaning of each word.

The puzzle does not give much clue, so you rotate the cone're stucked...Pretty strange...
It seems that there is kind of maze inside...

After understanding a bit more the clues, then you know how to navigate and you can repeatedly solve the puzzle and have more fun than frustration :-)

Remember: there are more than just opening the puzzle...I cannot tell too much because it would spoil you the surprise.

To conclude, this is a good puzzle, especially if you're a metal lover. The price is not cheap but you will have hours of puzzling!
If enough puzzles are sold, the next puzzle in the pyro puzzles series will be produced.
I really hope Steve will do his best to release the next puzzle(s)!

HERE you can buy yours. Enjoy!

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