Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ice(solute) difficult puzzle

Sometimes you want to try things, you want to experiment some kind of puzzles...
Metal puzzles, wooden puzzle, etc. that's common. Ruber puzzles a bit less. But ice puzzles...never seen any in any blog. So I thought I needed to try that first!

So let's begin with the pieces: there are 9 pieces composed of 4 cubes.

With the pieces, it's obvious that you will not be able to build a cube, but a rectangle, and mostly on only 2 levels:

Sorry for the quality of the picture, but it's not easy at all to take a picture of an ice puzzle ;-)

So as you can assume, there are a lot of issues with this puzzle, which makes the solving process all the more challenging:
  • The pieces are not regular (because you won't likely put exactly the same quantity of water for each pieces...), thus the puzzle is not flat, and the pieces don't fit well with each other. 
  •  You have a natural timer: the pace of the melting of the ice pieces and believe me they melt fast when you manipulate them.
  • The ice pieces slip a lot on the plate and the puzzle falls a lot, but you need to hurry!
  • And finally your fingers are frozen :-)
That was a good experience/experiment and a new concept I feel, not usual. I like it, but perhaps if you have some plastic cubes it's better because you can try many combinations before.
I wonder how many solutions there are for this puzzle...Any idea?

Will you try also to play with ice puzzles?

But anyway, if you don't try to solve this puzzle you can still use the ice for some cocktails: puzzler's cocktails of course ! :-)

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