Thursday, 20 August 2015

Crazy magnets

Magnet mania (the real name of this puzzle) was designed by Chris Morgan and is composed of a tray with 9 holes in which you have to put the 9 balls, of course!

Easy you think? Not at all, this is much trickier than what you may have thought !!
Because when you try to put a ball, which is actually a very powerful magnet (take care of your fingers!) in a hole and then put another ball, they fastly stick with each other...which may pinch your fingers but also mix the different kind of balls. They are not all the same even if they look like the same...

You will become crazy that each attemps fail or if you succeed to put some balls, then the next attempt ruins what you have done before...

Actually there is a trick that I did not discover not use to solve this puzzle. But if you discover it, then it will make your solving process easier (does not mean "easy" remember^^). You need patience and a little bit of dexterity: do not shake nor make any moves when trying to put a ball, otherwise the other balls could not like that :-)

The good thing when you solve this puzzle is that the box prevent you (once closed) the balls from leaving their holes. Thus you can keep the puzzle is the solved position, which is very nice I feel.

To conclude: a nicely thought puzzle which will puzzle and frustrate you for hours!


  1. Awesome puzzle! It did frustrate me for hours. It is possible to solve by accident, which tends to give you all sorts of ideas about what you did to make it work. In my case, all my elaborate theories were incorrect!

    Chris mentioned a "tool, you might find useful" which is under the name of the puzzle. I hadn't the foggiest idea how this little stick could help solve the puzzle.

    1. It frustrated me for less than hours. I would say it scared me, because you're very concentrate to put the magnets slowly. And when they stick together, you jump each time :-)

      Actually I know about the tool because I have the official solution of the puzzle :-)

    2. Yes, I have the solution too. Seems obvious after you know it!