Thursday, 13 August 2015

The great (great) escape

This puzzle was designed by Simon Nightingale and was made from corian (now I know what is this kind of material). Many different versions exist: one was the exchanged puzzle in 2009 and another one won honourable mention at the Design competition in 2009.

The puzzle feels pretty heavy in your hands and the quality os perfect. Moreover you can solve it again and again. But if you want to be faster, you can put only 1 ball instead of all the 4.

The goal is (seem to be) easy: you need to put the 4 small balls in the holes of the puzzles and them try to get them out of the puzzle.

When you look at the picture above, you may think that it's easy, but perhaps you don't know how tricky Simon is :-)
It's just that here you cannot see what is inside and prevent you from solving this puzzle and it's dark inside. Everything is so well hidden that the puzzle does not give you any clue.

You should play with it on a carpet (for example) but not outside of the street. Because you may manage to free one ball by chance, and it would be a pitty to lose it.

To conclude, a good puzzle to play with and to solve again and again !!


  1. Very nice looking puzzle - where do you get any of his puzzles?

  2. I agree with you :-)
    I am not the best person to tell you where to find puzzles I feel..but perhaps you can ask Simon if he has any? I got some puzzles from some guys by the way.

    Good luck! You also have so many nice puzzles, don't worry ;-)