Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cast amour

A puzzle that was designed by Akio Yamamoto and made by Hanayam some time ago, but it's still in stock and is still very fun to play with. Only composed of 3 pieces: an heart shape and 2 pieces which represent the masculine and feminine signs, this puzzle is ranked as 5/6, which means that it's not a piece of cake!

About the design: I like it a lot, it's very original and the quality of it is very good. You cannot be disappointed with that!

The first time I solved it my pocket. Yes it solved by itself :-) but solving it is not so difficult. Reassembling it is much more a challenge. You will have to make many rotations using the holes and constraints in a smart way. No force is needed of course (you may be tempted sometimes) but you have to be very precise.

Have you tried to change reassemble the puzzle so that the masculine and feminine signs have a different position? If I remember well, I managed to do so. In a way (unless I am wrong) then you will have 2 challenges to reassemble it.

Not sure this is the perfect gift for February 14th, best is to keep it for yourself in your collection :-)

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