Thursday, 19 May 2016

Matchless puzzle

This nice little puzzle was designed by Ken Steven, crafted by Buttonius and exchanged during IPP in 2015 by Peter Hajek.

It's composed of acrylic and 2 matches that need to be freed. The green match is painful for your eyes on the red background, is it done on purpose? :)

The design is nice and the acrylic does not look cheap (whereas it's not known to be an expensive material, though) and the screws reinforce the feeling that you have a real puzzle in front of you, in case you doubted about that!

Your first feeling is it's a dexterity puzzles, but actually it's not!
And I immediately knew what not to do (using dexterity) because that's not the way the puzzle in intended to be solved, and I knew already the principle of this puzzle.

So you have 3 ways to solve the puzzle:
  1. Dexterity: good luck!
  2. The official method: it works, but can be a bit dangerous. Not advised for children
  3. My method: same "spirit" as the official method, but less dangerous and of course it also works

In any case you can start using dexterity and when you're bored with that, then you can start thinking a more clever way to solve it.

I feel it's a good exchange puzzle, but best is not to make too many people trying it...

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