Monday, 22 August 2016

Time to fold....some spirals !!!!!!

The following foldings are all made with only one sheet of paper, without any scotch tape and without any glue. The "theme" is spirals as you can see the paper rolling again and again around an axis.

The differences between each of them are the angles and the shape of the base (square, triangle...).

These foldings are time consuming and require a lot of precision, and a bit of dexterity as well ;-)
What is interesting is that they are 3D foldings and "pop up" in a way, but can be flatten as well to admire the shapes.

As usual, I can sell some of them if any interest you. But I won't sell some as those ones are a pain to fold and I am not up to make them again. Feel free to ask if a folding catches your attention!









For the 2 above, it seems they are the same, but not really. Look precisely at the picture on the right and you will notice a variation. Actually, the folds are very different!






  1. Beautiful work, as usual. I was inspired by one of your previous posts to do some folding, mostly geometrics. Its extremely hard to make them look as nice as yours! I don't know how you keep them so crisp and proportional. Especially the small ones. I'll keep trying. . .

  2. Glad to see you like them and yes it's difficult, but the result is worth the effort :-)