Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cast ABC: level 1

I will try to make up for lost time in terms of reviewing the cast puzzle series. I may have already reviewed some, but now I will try to speed up a bit. However, there are a lot, so it will take months. Plus I may do some breaks to speak about other puzzles.

I will also try to each time make a summary of what I consider to be the best in each ranking of difficulty. That's my choice, some may not agree and feel free to give your feelings as well!

Something to add: for several puzzles the difficulty ranking has changed. I will trust the ranking of the packaging I have.

This time: cast ABC designed by Nob Yoshigahara

As you notice you need to free the C letter from the AB. This is not a difficult puzzle and is worth well its ranking (level 1). You should not have difficulties to solve it, but pay a lot attention where the C is freed from.

Actually I put the puzzle solved and tried to reassemble it later and I was blocked because I tried to put the C on the wrong slot. It's surely funnier to try to reassemble a puzzle later because you can forget a bit the solution and thus have still some challenge left.

Finally I managed to find the right slot and reassemble. Nice puzzle!

You can buy it at Sloyd

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