Monday, 12 September 2016

Cast bike: level 1

A pretty big puzzle regarding usual size of the cast puzzles. This puzzle designed by John R.Lynn is composed of a bike and a ring to free.

The bike is like a maze and has some slots on both side. As they are on different place on the bike, you need to always look at both side of the bike. Indeed you may think you're blocked, but actually you can still move on one side of the bike.

You will have to navigate thourough the whole bike to free the little ring.

There are a lot of moves and thus, I would classify it as level 2. In my opinion, level 1 puzzles should have fewer moves. So even if it's not a difficult puzzle, it's still challenging and should not be classified as level 1.

Due to the small size of the ring, it tends to slip away from your hands, not practical....

I like this puzzle. You can buy it at Sloyd

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