Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cast key: level 1

Designed by Nob Yoshigahara, this puzzle embodies perfectly what a level 1 cast puzzle should be: a puzzle with several steps but not too many, not confusing but pretty straight forward steps.

The puzzle can be solved by anybody, it's really not difficult. The sequence of steps are nice and I love the idea and the design.

Starting with this puzzle in your cast puzzle journey is the best idea you can have :-)
Even if you won't have any difficulty to solve and reassemble the puzzle, it's pretty addictive to play again with this puzzle.

Can you also try this challenge below (the position of the right key is not the same)

I usually try to find if you could have several challenges for a given puzzle. For this puzzle, yes you have 2 challenges in a way, for more fun!

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