Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Armadillo cube

In my twisty journey, I could not avoid to tell you quick words about a this twisty: the armadillo cube.

Designed by Michael Kessell Grant Prestidge in New Zealand, the puzzle was initially funded through kickstarter. In case, you should check quickstarter because there are often interesting projects about puzzles.

There are several interesting things to mention about this puzzle: first the shape is nice, the colors are brights. The design can remind you of the famous regular rubik's cube 3x3, but here are some subtle differences like the fact that 2 sides of the cube can share the same colours.
Secondly the pieces can be completely removed in case you want to restart the puzzle. Nothing specially complicated in the mechanism but this is very efficient and make the puzzle's moves pretty smooth (I find the puzzle even smoother after completely disassembling the puzzle).
Reassembling the pieces is not difficult but require a little bit of dexterity as the first pieces are not hold by the other pieces.

Regarding the difficulty of the puzzle, I would rank it in the same level as the regular 3x3 or a little bit more difficult as you have to take into account the shared coloured sides of the puzzle. You have algorithms to solve it. I used the same algorithm as for the regular rubik's cube but I was blocked at some point with 2 corners that could not be orientated the way I wanted. Or maybe I skipped one step...who knows.

The puzzle being available in different shops, you should not have too many difficulties to get one. And it's not expensive!

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