Sunday, 5 February 2017

The "how" trick box

I know, it's not the real name of the puzzles, but for me it's way easier than writting the German name which is difficult to pronounce and write :-)

So this puzzle is a trick box designed and made by Siebenstein Spiele. It consists of several pannels that need to be moved to open the box. The quality is overall good and I like a lot the design with the question mark.

A seasoned puzzler won't have difficulties to open the box because he knows the tricks that a trick box can contain while a newscomer may experience some slight difficulties.

The good thing with this puzzles (despite its puzzling aspect) is that it has enough space to try to imagine how you could modify the puzzle. And if you wonder: yes I have ideas to make it even more case the designer reads this blog ;-)

It's definitely a nice introduction to trick boxes.

You can buy it at this nice shop: Brilliant puzzles. They have a lot of choices for trick boxes with all price range, have a look!

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