Sunday, 19 February 2017

Origami: time to put them into frames!!!

Some pictures of "new" creations below. And as usual if you're interested to buy, PM me!

I folded this tessellation in 4 colors some time ago and bought recently a big red sheet to put it as a background color. I also bought a nice black frame with glass (this is not plexi). I can be hanged.
I feel that the contrast of colors is very nice.

At the beginning I had a red sheet of 35cm x 35 cm side but I did not find any frame of that size. So I needed to buy a bigger sheet and cut it. Hence, this is also not the same red color.

Maybe I will also buy a frame for the below folding. This will be a big bigger (but a rectangle and not a square):

I will try to fold other kind of "flat origami" soon, that can be put in frames.

Last is an old folding, but I bought a nice plexi display stand for it. First it makes it even more beautiful. Then it's design. Finally it protects well the folding, maintain it perfectly and you can put a light source under to see the patterns of the folding.

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